Welcome to this Christian counseling certification program, and the exclusive Christ-based Counseling certification site.  And now, you can become a Christ-based Counselor. 
1. Complete the application (30 minutes)
2. View each video (8 hours)
3. Print and/or review the Laws and Policy (1 hour)
4. Print and/or review the Counseling Plan (30 minutes)
5. Print and return by email the Certification letter (30 minutes)
6. Pay the certification fee: ($100.00).
7. Receive certification (7 to 14 days mail), or opt for
electronic version (24-48 hours)
All times are approximate.

     Contact Information
    Email Address: Hisglory@Christbasedcounseling.org 
    Phone: 214 206 8500
    Phone: or text: 708 232 3370

NACCBC is the U.S. Service Mark SM of the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems, 2000-2016  Christ-based Counseling is a U.S. registered Trademark of Dr. Steven B. DavidSon
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As a Christian-counseling certification program and the nation's exclusive Christ-based Counseling provider, every counselor is developed to build believers. Additionally, we are not simply a static ministry. Our team works to 'feed the sheep,' in Jesus' words nationwide.  You become a part of a national team.  As such this is the conclusion of the Age. Since Jesus said to Peter, "Feed my sheep." When He arrives, He will find our team feeding.  This supports the local church, and augments their efforts.   We build Bearean like believers.  Ministry leaders and all others may share. The believers in Berea were more noble-minded.  They received God's word with great enthusiasm, and searched scripture daily (Acts 17:10-12 NLT). Consider these throughout the week

Christ-based Counselor's
  • The Nation
  • The Christ-based Counseling Trademark
  • Marriage
  • Christ-based for Addictions
  • Jesus the Healer
  • Christ-based Counseling for Strongholds
  • Christ-based Counseling for Mental Brokeness
  • Christ-based Counseling for Bi-Depression
  • Christ-based Counseling for Everyone
  • Christ-based Counseling for Confusion
  • Christ-based Counseling for War in the Mind
  • Christ-based Counseling to Heal Relationships
  • Christ-based Counseling to Maintain the Family
  • Christ based Counseling for Errors and Mistakes
  • The Christ-based Counselor
Follow the Nation's
Christ-based Leader
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Christ-based Weight Management
Christ-based Counselor's Handbook, the Process of Being Made Whole
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The Believer from Milk to Maturity, The Ultimate Health Program
Volumes 1 - 4, Dr. DavidSon

Testimony of a Teen Sinner, Conformed to the Image of Christ
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