Christ-based Marriage Concepts

Marriage, Divorce, and the Believer:  The marriage and pre-marital primer.  The guide includes crisis counseling, and identifies the violation of principal care, and the manifest unbelieving spouse.  Complete with real cases, counselees take the time to integrate empowerment principles for successful relationships.  Statistically, Christian couples continue to stay intact better than unbelieving spouses.  This is obviously challenged, but continues to be true.  Marriage, Divorce, and the Believer provides the empowered foundation for marriage, and marriage enhancement. CBC Marriage Counseling Part I.(5.00)

NACCBC Certified Christ-based Marriage Counselor Certification  CBC 511 This is the certification exercise required for persons interested in becoming a Certified Christ-based Marriage Counselor (CCBMC). Text: Certified Christ-based Counselor's Handbook required to complete certification exercise).

(Rebels and Tyrants) to (Wives and Husbands), Marriage Counseling Part II: The "principal of origin" demonstrates the primary difficulty for husbands and wives is female rebellion and male tyranny.  No wonder Paul begins with the wife when he speaks of "submission." Rebellion began with femaleness.  No wonder Paul tells the husband in Colossians, "love her and don't be harsh." He's cursed with the characteristic of a tyrant.  After the original betrayal, he'll never trust her again.  But now, The Rebel and Tyrant learn to live as wife and husband (5.00).

Christian Marriage Relationship assessment CBC 601. This assessment helps believers to assess their relationships. Covering 15 areas of Christian marriage including Christian life, Step-children Financial Stewardship, Health, Age and more. You can use this aid before selecting a spouse, or during marriage.  The assessment is available on-line. A Certified Christi-based Counselor will provide the results in 48 hours or less. This assessment tool is also recommended for Christ-based Counselors who conduct marital counseling.  

Extra-Marital Affairs, Counseling for Believers CBC 631  Having one, thinking about or considering an affair? Suspect someone you know is having one? Trying to find a way out of one before it's too late? Desire to help someone you know? Then this is the study for you.

On-line Course: CBC 631 Counseling Believers Experiencing Extra Marital Affairs

Man-Woman Relationship, On-line CEU or Personal Growth Course(CBC 521): The on-line course provides the counselor, student, spouse, or any other believer with the the Christ-based Counseling view of the man-woman relationship.  (Print-out or request via email, the man-woman relationship study entitled, "Because You Listened to the Voice of Your  Wife" (Gen. 3:17).

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On-line Course: Because You Listened to the Voice of Your Wife(CBC 521): This document  discusses some  of the most controversial issues  involving men and  women. Issues of women in ministry,  their relationship with men  in marriage, and similar topics are discussed. Dr. Davidson provides  his approach to the study, hot points, and the Biblical conclusions.

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