Welcome to the national faith-life program for christian counseling certification programs and faith life coach credentials. This is the program that develop believers completely.  Believers or persons believing in Jesus Christ suffer because of life-gaps.  This means they were not provided everything needed to help them fully mature in all areas of their lives.  This happens for several reasons. 1. They may not be paying attention, or their spritiual awareness is not lit.  2. They may be prepared, but their leadership does not provide well rounded development.  Sometimes leaders have not been through complete programs designed to thoroughly prepare them as a believer.

Additionally, this is where it is important to become a persons who develops others.
Christ-based Ministries
"National Faith-life Coach Program" is a U.S. Service Mark SM of the Association of Christ-based ClergyoCounselors, Educators and Educational Systems, 2011-2015"
We offer a church support program for churches.  This provides the opportunity for church members from new believers to leaders to complete the program without cost.  See the church program here.

Test Drive the Program

The program is in three trimesters: Milk, Manna, Maturity
You can test-drive the first trimester. See the video then answer a few questions. The questions follow each video in the menu.
Password: m2mpassword.  If you want to make your study more formal for a diploma, faith-life coach credential, or convert your study to college/seminary credit, complete the application process (see Application link below).

Application Here
The National Faith-life Coach Program
The Believer from Milk to Maturity
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Must Read Information and Contacts:

This school grants degrees exclusively
related to Christian ministry. This is clear
in our catalogs and other media. There are
requirements substanially similar to secular
adult post-secondary education. The Texas
Supreme Court has established that religious
institutions are uniquely different, and have
the right to establish standards for religious
education and ministry.
See Court Summary, News Article 2011
     Pastoral Advisor: Clint Starnes

Phone or Text: 708 232 3370
Become a Christ-based Faith-life Coach TODAY!

1. Complete the application (30 minutes)
2. View each video (Trimesters I-III below:), 20 minutes or less each.
    (The book or electronic draft is recommended, but not required).
3. Print and/or create a link to the Laws and Policy (1 hour)
4. Print and return by email the Certification letter (30 minutes)
    You certify that you have viewed the videos, or did the questions (Qs).
6. Pay the certification fee: ($100.00).
7. Receive your faith-life coach certification (7 to 14 days mail), or opt for
electronic version (24-48 hours)
All times are approximate.

Consider transfering your Faith-life Coach credits to A Christ-based Seminary degree program

Trimester 1 Milk
The Foundational Principles and Skills
(This is the Church program, and Beginning Trimester for Christ-based Faith-life Coaches)
Trimester II Manna
Intermediate, Old Testament Dispensations and Covenants
(Trimester 2 for Christ-based Faith-life Coaches, and Christ-based Collegeplex Adult-Students)
Trimester III Meat
(Trimester 3 for Christ-based Faith-life Coaches and Christ-based Collegeplex Students)
The Nation's Christ-based Leader
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Or you can request our electronic
draft with an offering of: $5.00
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Christ-based LIFE COACH
Preparation Center
Books (Optional), Videos, Q-Exercises (Optional)