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COURSE: Christ-based Counseling and Sexuality
Practicum Requirement:
Course Literature:  Sex, Sexuality and the Believer
Pre-requisites (if any):  

Understanding the Course Design: Candidates use the literature to respond to questions.  Questions are in chronological order throughout  the course.  Questions preceded with bracket statements require Biblical, spiritual, or counseling insight, and these
questions test the students ability to deduce, assimilate, and otherwise process a number of factors to answer the questions. 

Completion Requirements are as follows:
Sections:  The course is divided into several sections of approximately 50  questions each.  It is not necessary to complete all sections in one setting.  However, you must complete a section before submitting your work. DO NOT submit
a section that is partially complete. 
Answers: Answers must be given in complete sentences.

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1.  Who did Jesus correct? 

2. What were these religious leaders doing to their wives?


3. What did Jesus say about this practice?

4. How did the disciples perceive Jesus' view?

5. What did the disciples reason?

6. What is one of the central issues between males and females?

7. What is the believers/disciples ultimate purpose?

8. What did Jesus say concerning the disciples reasoning that it would be better not to marry?

9. What did Jesus mean by a person was a eunuch from his mother's womb?


10. What did Jesus mean by a person who becomes a eunuch by men?

11. What did Jesus mean by a person who becomes a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake?

12. What is the likely result of any other alternative than those identified by Jesus?

13. Since Jesus was a single man, which was he? (refer to questions 9-10)

14. What is the Decade of the 1960s called?

15.What might the Decade of 2000 be called?

16. Give the estimates on men and women suffering with some form of sexual dysfunction?

17. What are some of the men's issues of dysfunction?

18.What are some of the women's issues of dysfunction?

19. What else is a form of sexual dysfunction?

20. What did God design sexuality to do?

21. How is God's design for sexuality distorted and desensitized?

22. Does the Bible record plenty of examples of men who had multiple wives?  If so, give an example of at least one person
(Biblical insight question)?

23.  Who treated their relationships cheaply?

24. Which prophet served notice on those persons who divorced their wives for any conceivable reason?

25. What was their true purpose for divorcing their wives?

26. After ages of this practice, how did Jesus shock these leaders?

27. What did Jesus tell these leaders when they explained that Moses allowed divorce?

28. What continues to be a serious spiritual, genetic, and social problem?

29. What's the distinguishing characteristic of our culture?

30. What is a reasonable assumption about the majority of persons born in our society?

31. How is it that we experience more than one person sexually?

32. What also happens within short time frames or simultaneously with numerous people?

33. Biblically, what is the ultimate form of sexual dysfunction?

34. According to Jesus, how many persons was man designed to be involved with sexually?  And what term does he use to emphasize this fact? 


35. What happens to persons who experience numerous sexual partners?

36. Upon entering marriage, what is often the case for persons who have had several sexual partners?

37. What happens when the novelty of the marriage fades?

38. As opposed to operating as the relational bond-blessing what does sexuality become in the relationship?

39. Due to the pervasive and growing trend of sexual dysfunction, and overall degrading of sexuality, what has proliferated?

40. Has this condition had an affect on the Church?

41. Do spouses have sole authority over their own bodies?  Where would you find Biblical support for your answer?

42. What is incongruent libido?

43. Who provides counsel for couples with incongruent libido?

44. Why is their mutual cooperation necessary?

45. What is the prevailing attitude concerning preparation for sexual intimacy?

46. What is required for any act, sexual or otherwise requiring physical stamina, skill, timing, and emotional involvement?

47. Are there numerous books and guides on improving sexual intimacy?

48. Give the Biblical perspective, what is stated about the marriage bed?

49. By definition what IS defile?

50. Is sex inherently evil?  Is it wicked?  Is it nasty?

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