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COURSE: Christ-based Counseling and Sexuality
Practicum Requirement:
Course Literature:  Sex, Sexuality, and the Believer
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Understanding the Course Design: Candidates use the literature to respond to questions.  Questions are in chronological order throughout  the course.  Questions preceded with bracket statements require Biblical, spiritual, or counseling insight, and these
questions test the students ability to deduce, assimilate, and otherwise process a number of factors to answer the questions. 

Completion Requirements are as follows:
Sections:  The course is divided into several sections of approximately 50 questions each.  It is not necessary to complete all sections in one setting.  However, you must complete a section before submitting your work. DO NOT submit
a section that is partially complete. 
Answers: Answers must be given in complete sentences.

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151.  Where did men typically meet available women (give at least one Biblical example)?

152. Was the woman at the well status conscientious?


153. Does anyone know what the woman expected when she asked for the water Jesus offered?

154. Is the woman thinking of spiritual matters when Jesus speaks of living water?


155. When Jesus asked her about her man, what was her reply?

156. Was she lying as far as she was concerned?

157. Why would she lie about there not being a man in her life?

158. Jesus responds that she has in-fact told what?

159. What has she never had with any man?

160. What does this imply about the relationships she has had?


161 How many relationships did Jesus reveal?

162. What does she finally recognize when Jesus tells her about these relationships?

163. What does she do once she is on the same spiritual plane as Jesus?

164. Given the evidence in this encounter, how was she viewing Jesus potentially?

165. Since Jesus knew her intentions, how did Jesus move right to the "heart" of the matter?

166. What would have been the implications for us if Jesus failed?

167. What principle did Jesus demonstrate when meeting persons of the opposite sex?

168. Unless they are already married, what is virtually impossible to do if a believer is having sex with an unbeliever?

169. If two believers are having sexual relations, what do they need to do before they can consider themselves to be encouraging each other's spiritual development?

170. What must be held in higher regard that sexual or companionship desires?

171. What does a woman do to Jesus in Luke 7:37-48?

172. Did Simon perceive the woman's conduct as religious or a custom?

173. Did Jesus appreciate the woman's attention?

174. Did Jesus rebuke the woman? 


175. What did Simon mean when he said the woman was a sinner?


176. What is Jesus more concerned about more than companionship or sex?

177. What happens in John 12:1-8?  Who envies her this time?

178. Matthew 4:1-11 reveals the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness.  What is the first temptation?

179. Does Satan begin his temptations with his full intentions?


180. How does Satan challenge Jesus' ego?

181. What does Jesus respond with?


182. Does Jesus discuss whether He is the Son of God?

183. What does Satan use to tempt Jesus the second time?

184. What does Satan want Jesus to do to prove He is the Son of God?

185. What does Jesus know about His personal desire compared to His Father's desire?


186. Loosing the first two temptations what "deadly three" does Satan use to tempt Jesus?


187. What does Satan show Jesus?

188. What does Satan want Jesus to do?

189. When Satan showed and offered Jesus the kingdoms and their glory, what would the list include?

190. What else did Jesus probably see representing the glory of kingdoms?

191. How did Solomon respond to this aspect of glory?

192. How does Jesus respond to this final wilderness temptation?

193. Who in the Bible is cited most often concerning sexual improprieties?

194. What two offenses did he commit?

195. Do most counseling cases involve both of these offenses?

196. What did David think was going to happen when Nathan revealed David's sin?

197. What's the startling announcement Nathan makes when David confesses his sin?

198. What is so marvelous about God's love for us concerning the union of David and Bathsheba?

199. How do you know God's love is greater than the believer's own self-condemnation?

200. What can erase God's love for the believer? (provide examples from Scripture)

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