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COURSE: Christ-based Counseling and Sexuality
Practicum Requirement:
Course Literature:  Sex, Sexuality, and the Believer
Pre-requisites (if any):  

Understanding the Course Design: Candidates use the literature to respond to questions.  Questions are in chronological order throughout  the course.  Questions preceded with bracket statements require Biblical, spiritual, or counseling insight, and these
questions test the students ability to deduce, assimilate, and otherwise process a number of factors to answer the questions. 

Completion Requirements are as follows:
Sections:  The course is divided into several sections of approximately 50 questions each.  It is not necessary to complete all sections in one setting.  However, you must complete a section before submitting your work. DO NOT submit
a section that is partially complete. 
Answers: Answers must be given in complete sentences.

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201 While we are often afflicted, what does God do?

202 Can the believer expect to suffer the consequences of poor decisions and behavior?

203 What should  believers take every step to do?

204 When a persons is trapped in sin, what should the believer expect?

205 When the believer fails, what must the believer do?

206 What is the Apostle John's counsel concerning sins?

207.  Given th three types of eunuchs, which does the counselor think Jesus represents?

208 Why wouldn't Jesus be a eunuch from birth, or of men?

209 Why would Jesus be a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake?

210 Given the impact and reality of sexuality on the human race, what is the unimaginable concerning the Son of God?

211 According to the counselor, why did Jesus resist any need for companionship and/or sexuality?

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* Candidates can substitute a college level Life of Christ course for this requirement.
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